a unique sort of journey vlog… (flying again residence)

OKOK so i do know a few of y’all will probably be like “why are u touring proper now??” however its bc i’m from japan and i’ve to return residence so yeah i kinda must take a aircraft to get from sydney to tokyo soo… in any case hope u guys loved!
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  1. Omg its crazy how you had to pack up all your stuff and literally move out! You handled it better than I could have! Also I know you hate online classes but hopefully it'll keep you busy while you quarantine in your room. Wishing you the best <3

  2. Where are your glasses from?

  3. Hope you're doing well! Fun little vlog! Hoping this all gets better soon!

  4. u are hella brave i would not be able to do this but hope ur doin well and straying safe

  5. I currently live in NY and I lived in Tokyo for most of my life. I live in NY with my aunt and uncle now but my home is Japan and I'm considering going back there now rather than later but with everything gong on I don't know if it's the right time for me to go back right now and I just wanted help and advice from you and some other viewers

  6. Sucks that you had to leave Sydney so early! Stay safe on your travels to Japan

  7. Please stop touching and flipping your hair so much. It’s distracting and makes you look like an airhead.
    The peace signs and duck lips do too but maybe you are just an airhead

  8. can you make an updated make up routine??? i love your make up here sooo much!!

  9. Just woke up from a nap and saw your ig story and now im here hope u & ur fam are doing well

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