A Solo Journey To Singapore & Cancelling Plans⎮Journey Vlog

Hello stunning souls! In in the present day’s video (filmed 15th March), I take you alongside my in the future journey to Singapore from Bali. It undoubtedly made me fall in love with Singapore over again, and Gardens by the Bay was a spotlight for certain. If you happen to ever plan to solo journey, Singapore is a good place to go!

As I needed to renew my visa to remain in Bali, I had no alternative however to journey right now. I perceive that the COVID19 is severe and don’t encourage journey proper now, except it’s important like renewing a visa. Let’s cooperate collectively, and do what’s finest for everybody❤️ Maintain your self, of others, and look out for each other. We’ll get by means of it- this too shall move, and we’re in it collectively. Sending heaps and many love xxx

Singapore Journey 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6p-TXcliGA&record=PLkJzDVfcbAlM3qTfXVnam4g5axOBRwdtK


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Produced and edited by Jasmine Lipska❤︎
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  1. You made me miss SG. My family and I spent our christmas there last Dec. I love SG.

  2. Hi! Well, I'm glad you were able to complete your journey. I related so much, since I was also travelling during the same time. I had planned since last year to come to France for a year. When I started my trip there were news about the virus, but it wasn't as bad. Then when I got to France things started going mad and changing quickly. I'm also on a visa and I have a budget, so the situation isn't as simple as just coming back in a few months (the airlines hadn't yet started offering free changes), but I seriously considered going back home. That isn't an option now, since they closed the borders in my country, and even nationals can't go in. It's crazy to be in a new place in a time like this. Oh, and I also stayed in a similar accommodation for the first few days! I was also very anxious, but trying to enjoy, since there was nothing I could do about it, and avoided crowds as well, although that wasn't difficult, with all the events getting cancelled. I also experienced being in the airport and seeing many flights cancelled. Right now I'm just grateful I could ultimately come to the place where I'm gonna stay for the next few months, even if I don't know the city and have to stay home (it's illegal to be out without a form). These are weird times, and definitely weirder for those of us who are far from our families. But I know I'm not alone, and I'm thankful for technology, and for all the people who are trying to do something good right now, and for my health, and I pray to God every day for the safety of my family and friends, and that as a race we learn from this and will be changed for the better. Thanks for sharing your experience. It's always nice to be reminded that I'm not the only one who is in a certain situation.

  3. 你妈妈有来吗?想你妈妈了!I missed your mum… badly…

  4. Lovely vlog! Happy to see you enjoyed your trip here~

  5. I love how independent you are. Just doing all these fun things on your own. ❤️

  6. Hey Jasmine any reason you're not heading back to Melbourne? I know Bali is close, but this lockdown could last a minimum of 6 months. You want to be close to your family and a good health care system, I also had to come back from my trip to South Africa a few days ago which was sad but a precaution I had to take.

  7. Wow you were brave went to singapore.

  8. hey beauty jasmine.. please stay in hotel and keep distance to people.. lets fight covid19.. i hope you always healthy and i wanna see you again in bali

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