9 Of the Most American Issues You've By no means Heard Of!

Do you know about these?? I am keen to guess that if you have not lived within the US, you do not!

Hello! I am Kelly and I’m an American who lived in Germany for 18 great months. Whereas I lived overseas earlier than in Turkey and had achieved fairly a little bit of touring beforehand, these 18 months in Germany undoubtedly broadened my perspective of Germany, Europe, and even the US in so many various methods! I wished to share my perceptions with you guys by YouTube in order that perhaps you possibly can acquire context to belongings you’ve heard about, or be taught new info or a special perspective, or perhaps that is the whole lot you have heard earlier than and additional confirms your world view. It doesn’t matter what the explanation, I hope that you simply get pleasure from my movies! Remember to subscribe to my channel and activate notifications so that you simply at all times know once I’m posting new content material 🙂

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  1. Well, Kelly, you really surprised me this time, because I really had not known about these things, though I try to follow things American. Well, of course I was aware of the fact that air condition is always set much too low in many places. It always annoyed me that I had to take a sweater for shopping in most parts of the U.S., but I had not known the expression 'women's winter' – well, I don't know about other men, but you certainly can count me in with the loosers of temperature settings.

  2. I've heard of tailgating before. But as a European I just keep on thinking how stupid it is to go to such events by car – especially if it's one of the rare occasions you can legally drink in public. So a massive percentage of people there have to stay sober. While I get that the setup will be more elaborate if you bring everything by car I would actually preper it to buy food and beer from food stalls or trucks or something, enjoy my time and beer with friends and take the train home. Or have a significantly lower setup I can transport there and back by bike or train.

  3. Thanks Kelly for providing a deeper view of America. I can relate to all nine including the "Women's Winter"; though I'm a man the AC is often too cold for me. I grew up in western PA and know all about the volunteer fire companies. In some ways they are a sub-culture since many families' lives revolve around these.

  4. I dont think its really honorable to have fought in the Vietnam war, especially as an American

  5. Great selection. The only thing I have ever heard of are the dry counties. Isn't the county where Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey is produced a dry county?

  6. Oh know. I do the jeep wave and didn't even know that there was a name for it. And yes, I live in the country.

  7. Regarding "Women's Winter" what temperature are we talking 15°-16°?

  8. Your videos as well as your persona are addictive in a strange way – can't explain why – mixture of content, your looks and voice <3.

  9. I think these things, some of them I didn't know about, are not on other lists as a lot of the lists focus on the "silly or stupid" things in other countries.
    And even tho Florida man would fall into that category, most things on the list don't. Tailgating for instance is something that I wouldn't mind being introduced over here in the Netherlands. I also assume Honor flights is a thing no other country needs, because no country has waged as many wars as the US and/or they don't see the military in the same way Americans do.

  10. I learnt a few weeks ago here on yt (my english sounds pretty good people say. I learnt english in school from 5th to 13th grade), that it is pronounced cuuuulture (like in german kultur) not calt-ure (like the a in a-merica). Other crazy english words I wouldn't pronounce like americans do: Py-thooooooon or Piiiiiizzzza.

  11. In my younger years, we had a similar thing as the Jeep Wave for the drivers of a Citroen 2CV. We always waved to each other. And Motorcyclists do it too.
    Several years back I visited the Washington Memorials – very impressive.

  12. You guys cool down the office, and then turn on heaters cause it's to cold? Why not choose the higher temperature – so you save double energy?

  13. parties in fire house are not american thing. I think it's all over the world in little villages, because it's only place big enough to make party

  14. 11:07 heaters to counteract the AC cold??? I am shocked! Whoever runs those buildings should be deeply ashamed of themselves for causing so much wasted electricity. In fact, fining them would not be a bad idea.

  15. As I understand it, "tailgate drinking" is not exactly legal. There are obviously different state laws about it in general, but for the most part, it is only legal, if the private owner of the parking lot allows it. Generally speaking though, it is not legal.

  16. A great selection of fun facts! Women's winter would warrant some more serious reflections, though. Climate change, fossil fuels, gender relations, anyone?
    That's not meant to degrade a light harted presentation (Daily Show style), but for the Määnzer I am, this particular American feature is a tough one to wrap my head around: those airco temperatures are often lower than what you would prefer in winter with even more clothes on!

  17. There is sort of a professional Jeep wave in in Germany. During my German military draft term I was a Truck driver. And of course, you would greet each and every single military vehicle you pass. Even on that Autobahn six lanes across from each other. I've noticed bus drivers and taxi drivers are doing the same within their respective groups, sometimes.

  18. Oh absolutely. Air conditioning is just so sexist.

  19. Have you ever thought that to counter the women's winter you can allow men to working in T-shirts and shorts?

  20. Oh, nonsense, Kelly. I've been through a corn maze a couple times. It's not difficult, but it does require a bit of patience. Just establish, beforehand, which direction you're going to give priority at each junction (the left-most or the right-most) and resolve that it's going to happen that you're going to run into the occasional dead end and have to turn back. You'll find your way through. It's just going to take time and patience.

  21. It has long puzzled me that religion should be a source of arguments against alcohol. I mean, in the Bible, Christ turns water into wine and it's hailed as a great miracle.

  22. You're a veteran, so you probably know this, but the custom of the salute was born in medieval times, when knights, in full suits of armor, would pass each other on mountain passes that were only wide enough to accommodate the two of them. They would use a hand to lift the visor of the suit to identify each other.

  23. I don't like the fact that, in the US, we tend to attach more significance and prestige to veterans of the war in Vietnam while we tend to forget the war in Korea. True, we didn't exactly win the war in Korea, but we didn't exactly lose it, either. Observe that South Korea still exists. South Vietnam, on the other hand, fell almost immediately after we pulled out. We invested almost 20 years in Vietnam and ultimately lost it, while we invested just a little more than three years in Korea and it ended in an armistice.
    What does it say about a country that veterans who have suffered longer are honored, but not veterans who had more success?

  24. talking about pumpkins: pumpkin chunkin seems to be Americas spud gunmanship for the advanced!

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