9 Issues in Disney World That Want Some Explaining!

Not every thing at Disney World is easy, some guidelines generally is a bit complicated and when you’re not a Disney die arduous there’s a couple of rides that may have you ever scratching your head considering…why is that so in style? Honestly, there’s a couple of issues on this listing that a few of our staff members nonetheless aren’t too positive about.

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This Post Has 34 Comments

  1. I hate the "hotel guest" fastpass system. I refer to those rides as hotel guests only rides. The standby line is a joke. The old system was far better when you had to actually be in the park to get a fastpass.

  2. Your opening/closing dates for some of these rides are a little off

  3. No we don't need you to explain things people aren't as dumb as yould like to think sorry

  4. Ugh I hope they never ruin the DW HM during the holidays like they do in CA

  5. I don't think the hanging skeleton in Pirates is a Pepper's Ghost illusion – it's simply a double-sided mirror with different figures on each side. The reflection makes it look like a full figure from either side. The rope in the middle hides the front edge of the mirror so the thickness doesn't show.

  6. ill take the nightmare before Christmas version of the haunted mansion any day

  7. odd comment but i love your voice, its so comforting for me. lol i love these videos!

  8. Can you do a video on the best resturants and rides for people in wheelchairs and the best wheel chair accessible hotel rooms in each resort.

  9. Correction: The recent addition of the pirate the hanging basket in Disneyland's POTC is NOT a Peppers Ghost effect. It is simply a two sided mirror with half a skeleton on the approaching side, and half a pirate on the other. The reflections on each side make it look like the skeleton and pirate are full figures. The Peppers Ghost effect is a bit more complex and found in the Haunted Mansion ballroom scene and the Blue Fairy at the end of the Pinocchio dark ride.

  10. Thank you for all the Disney content! I'm trying to make videos everyday because I miss it. I thought I was a fan but I have never ridden the people mover.

  11. 8:04 "Pepper's Ghost?" It's a straight up mirror

  12. Space Mountain was totally redone in 2004 for its 50th in 2005.

  13. Best Disney info and sweetest voice on Youtube, love ya AJ!

  14. Small world is a great way to get out of the rain! The only reason I'd ride it lol

  15. Do you work at someplace diseny?
    Because somebody who helped us on the phone sounded like you c;

  16. Noo way! Don't be bashing the people mover! And as for " It's a small world" That is the ride they send cast members to when they want them to quit I am sure of this. There I said it and I'm glad I said it.

  17. Does anyone know how social distancing will work with rides like jungle cruise, pirates, Small world, storybook, etc.? Each of these rides are impossible for social distancing, there’s no way we can be 6 ft apart, I mean we’re squished together on the boats. Do you think they’ll get rid of rides like that, or have it to where only you and your party can ride—so that way they’re not sitting random people together? It’s going to be so different once Disney parks open up, just walking around the park will probably be so overwhelming even more than it already is

  18. Stitches great escape opened in 2004, AE closed in 2003

  19. Hyperspace mountain was temporary?!?? Thank god I was so pissed!! Could not enjoy space mountain with it just going PEWPEWPEW

  20. I was bummed out when I got to visit Disney World in 2016 only to find Pirates was down for maintenance the week I there 🙁

  21. Unpopular opinion: Nightmare before Christmas is a terrible movie. Timmy needs to learn how to develop characters.

  22. Disneyland Sp MTN is better….and they have Mr. Toad's too!

  23. “It’s a small world is a hard pass, even thinking about it Can bring back the song” cues intense it’s a small world music in my head

  24. I never use a fast pass for Peter Pan's Flight. This is because the shadow animation is the best part of the ride IMO.

  25. People mover is great. So chill, so relaxing, nice and long and quiet

  26. WDW's Pirates actually isn't a time travel story like the other ones. Though it's mostly muffled by the music now, you can hear the voices of Spanish soldiers in the queue preparing for battle with the pirate ship that has arrived just off shore and you see one out in the distance in the load area. There also used to be cannon sounds outside to reinforce this idea that the pirates are coming.

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