7 NEW Methods Solely Disney Execs Know!

There are some timeless ideas that assist you to benefit from your Disney World trip, however as we speak, we’re going even deeper for these tremendous secret ideas solely Disney die-hards find out about!

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  1. DFBGuide it Might sound bad to Others but do you think it would be good to go to Disney World when the Coronavirus is Over, because a lot of People have lost their Jobs and don’t have Money to go to Disney world and it would be empty since people won’t have Money to go??!?!?!

  2. Will these still be applicable when Disney re-opens? We don't really know if everything will go back to normal or not. I hope it does. I hope that all these tips are still able to be done. I hope everything we've learnt about how to avoid lines and get the most out of our holiday can still be done to our benefit.

    Good work dfbguide, keep it up!!

  3. Who remembers the magical disney fastpass button. There use to be a button on the back of the fast pass machines if you pressed it it would give you unlimited fast passes lol.

  4. So if you have a glitch do they assign you a boarding pass?

  5. When heading to HS from POP for a ROTR boarding group what times should put the Minnie Van request in? Can I order ahead of time or do I wait until that morning?

  6. My dad does not do the first thing bc he has a box charger and the second bc he figures it out himself but my dad does the rest bc me and my dad are DISNEY BY HEART NIT KIDDING

  7. WHAT? I didn't know I could reserve FB with party tix. 🙂

  8. I've watched too many of these. I should just subscribe. Thanks for all the great videos, AJ!

  9. dont believe any crap about "not opening until 2021" its just a ploy for disney plow their stocks

  10. Yep, reservation for corona buffet.

  11. So, if I want to score a boarding for ROR and get an early breakfast reservation at Garden Grill for the Epcot day, I should get a Minnie Van for both?

  12. If your phone dies, how are you going to access your screenshots?

  13. Can you do a video on pin trading? One of my favorite things to do while In WDW

  14. So wait, are the parks open now?

  15. I love you too much! I told my mom about you and said everything to her, I watched u for ours while I was in my trip to Florida! We didn’t try everything, but we tried!

  16. Can you book FastPasses for your party day 60 days in advance?

  17. You’re Disney videos have made me smile thru this quarantine! We we’re supposed to be at Disney last weeks for my 20th!

  18. Sorry we’re waiting and delayed for reopening next two months is June not may in Disney cruise line and others

  19. Love the updates. Makes me feel like I am there.

  20. How to get into the World Showcase before the usual 11am opening time – enter through the International Gateway (near the Boardwalk) and have a delicious bearkfast in France (bakery opens at 9am) and then wander through the World!

  21. Hi, this is Holly. In The Haunted Mansion we always try to be the LAST ones out of the stretching room so we can hear the gargoyles. Lol

  22. Sadly, this Disney Semi-Pro quite likely has taken their last Disney vacation. For years and years we were treated like welcome guests, then 19 years ago Disney started treating their "guests" as potential terrorists. Now I'm certain they'll treat their guest terrorists as plague carrying terrorists.

  23. My favorite tip..if possible fly out the night before rather than the morning of your first day. Plenty of reasonably priced hotels near the airport with free courtesy shuttle. That way the next morning you’re on the Magical Express to your resort instead of a flight to Orlando.

  24. There was a ad right before this video played; saving 80% off because of COVID-19, but I accidentally skipped the ad…will tickets become cheaper once the parks open?

  25. While they are closed would be a great time to do all that construction. 🙂

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