7 Issues Brits Do That Individuals DON'T (UK vs. USA)

The USA and the UK are two international locations separated by the Atlantic…er, a standard language AND these 7 issues which British folks do however Individuals do not do! 🇬🇧😄

Which uniquely British practices did we miss? Share them with us within the feedback 😄


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    (This is how we played in P.E. at school)
    The bowler tries to hit the stumps with the ball, the batter defends the stumps by hitting the ball with the bat, the fielders try to catch the ball after it's been hit (if they catch it the batter is out and the next batter takes over).
    After one team is out of batters the teams switch side and the fielders become the batters and the batters become the fielders

  2. Literally just finished texting my boss with two xx at the end of the message as you were talking about that very topic.

  3. Eurovision gives Brussels' game away – Turkey, Israel and Australia are 'European.'

  4. Electricity in the UK! (For your info and not directly tagged to this vlog). Plug sockets(outlets) have three holes – the bottom two are where the 'electric' is. The top one is the Earth connection – a safety connection in case of a fault. If you look at a socket straight on, you'll see the bottom two holes are shielded by a plastic shutter (so children, or stupid adults can't poke anything into the live electric parts). The plug itself has three pins. The top pin is longer. As the top pin goes into the socket it raises the protective shutter so the bottom two pins can contact the live electricity as they go in. The bottom pins are half covered in, usually, black insulation so a really stupid person won't touch any live parts if the plug is only half in or out of the socket. Additionally, the plug has an internal replaceable fuse, rated say 3amps for a table lamp, or 13amps for a toaster, as protection from faulty wiring, power surge or overloading. Who would use a system with open electrical outlets you can poke a screwdriver in, and an un-fused un-earthed plug?? Madness!! Now, the bathroom issue! NO sockets in bathrooms, so idiots can't plug anything connected to the mains electricity in the room with a huge tub of water in it! Soaking in the bath – toast in the toaster – knock toaster into bath – kill yourself! Likewise, light switches have to either be outside the room near the door, or operated by a switch on the ceiling with a long cord – so your sopping wet hands on getting out of the bath won't deluge the light switch with water and kill you! Your vlogs are really interesting, keep up the good work!

  5. According to Guiness records the oldest uninterrupted sporting fixture in the world is the annual USA v Canada cricket match, so somebody must play it over there.

  6. Forgot to say loads of people play and watch cricket but half of them still have no idea what's going…….x

  7. Basic idea of cricket is 2 opposing teams of players. 1 member from attacking team tries to knock down horizontal stick balanced on top of 3 knee high verticle sticks ("wicket") being guarded by member of defending team with a uniquely shaped bat. When defending team knocks ball away with bat, have time to run lengths of short distance marked out on ground until attacking team retrieve ball back to thrower ("bowler")+ throw again, idea is to obtain as many cumulative runs as possible before stick arrangement knocked over. Play continues until everyone in defending team eliminated ("bowled out"), them teams swap over, winning team scores most runs overall. Most commonly played in warm weather in smaller villages as requires large flat grassed spaces to play usually dedicated to purpose, rare in cities except in schools. Closest comparable American sport would be baseball but cricket much more subdued and calmer, without hype of massive stadiums/crowds and celebrity endorsements.

  8. Many years ago, we were watching a cricket match and after a while, my mum asked 'Are the two batsmen on the same side – ?'
    Nuff said – !

  9. 1;07 …Not just the Brits , The Aussies , Kiwis , The Indians , The Pakistanis , The Sri Lankans The South Africans..Cricket is huge…Whereas you Americans have the " World series " Which is only played in your own country and should really be called the American Series because it is played within the confides of your own country , Cricket is played across continents , The former British Empire , It gives these nations a chance to throw a great big lump of leather at great speed at their former oppressors with the chance of complete humiliation which it has on many occasions , Its a great sport where you can salvage a draw when you are really playing bad or it rains….And you can snooze through it…

  10. You REALLY don't want to watch Eurovision. There's only one word to describe it – SHIT. Waste of your life watching it.

  11. You put kisses on birthday and Christmas cards as well.

  12. We only put 3 xxx on a Christmas or birthday card to someone we love

  13. I never wear paper crowns at xmas… my head is too big so they dont fit well, everyone just gives me the disapproving look 😀

  14. Eurovision is an appalling pile of cheesy crap, I throw a Eurovision party every year where we get pissed and take the piss out of it. It’s hilarious.

  15. Who is leaving meat out all day? Ok it doesn’t go off as quickly as these yanks think, but if no ones eating it, why would you not put it back in the fridge?

  16. Cheese is not really meant to be refrigerated, the whole point of it is it’s a preservative.

  17. Beans on toast isn’t really a breakfast thing, it’s either lunchtime or a evening meal when you can’t be arsed to cook.

  18. I don’t think I’ve put and x at the end of a text message in my life, or received one, other than from my wife. If I got one from anyone other than my wife or at a push my mother I’d be freaked out.

  19. Pies are left out of the fridge because the pastry loses it's crispness. Pork Pies have what is called a 'hot crust' made with hot oil instead of cold. To keep their crisp crunchy pastry, they should not be place in the fridge.
    In regard to cheese left out of the fridge … what do you think people were doing for 1,000's of years before refrigeration? Cheese won't go off unless in a warm/hot room. Pies will take hours before unfit to be eaten – the meat had already been cooked.

  20. eurovision……what a crock of shit that is and always has been…..grrrrrr!

  21. I don't know where you stayed guys, I don't know anyone who leaves meat and cheese outside of the refrigerator and I'm a Brit! We only leave those items out for a buffet, and only for the minimum time possible.

  22. Eurovision is completely fixed, the UK puts the most money and we always come in last but we still love it. The best thing for me is Graham Norton's commentary (and previously Terry Wogan's) which rips the piss out of the whole event. We rather love it ironically.

  23. Wow three years? how many times have you two had sex?

  24. Talking about the cooked meats, the point I think you have missed, the meats you were specifically talking about were CURED meats .
    The have been smoked, so bacteria and mould find it very difficult to grow on them.
    Smoking was used as a preservative for hundreds of years, long before we had refrigeration.
    People would keep their meat edible, all winter long by smoking it.

  25. What country is your kitchen in? Looks like a French kitchen, French power sockets,

  26. 11 players on each team, it's played with cricket bats and the 'sticks' are called wickets, the two smaller ones that sit on top of the wickets are called the bails. A coin is tossed to decide who gets to choose who bats first (this is a really important aspect, and can affect the outcome of the game). the aim of the game is to score as many runs before the opposing team takes all your wickets by bowling the ball at the wickets aiming to knock off the bails. there are many ways loose wickets, some of them include being bowled out (hitting the wickets directly with the ball and knocking off the wickets), being caught where the batsman has sucessfully struck the ball and a fielder (someone of the opposing team in the field) catching it without it first hitting the floor, there are some other weird ways such as 'leg before wicket' this is where the batsman has missed the ball with his bat but the ball instead strikes his leg and stops the ball from hitting the wicket, this is also a way to get out. You can be run out, where if a batsman is running and is out of his crease (a line infront of the wickets (there are wickets on both ends)) and the fielding team knocks off the wickets with the ball.

    if you want me to explain more i'd be happy to.

  27. Cricket is probably the 3rd most common sport first is football not soccer and rugby second

  28. This Brit always puts his meats and cheeses in the fridge, I'm not 100% sure where you got this from that Brits leave meat and cheese out of the fridge?

  29. We only started coming in last place, and for the first time ever, the year we supported America in the Iraq invasion.
    That's how political it is.
    At one point (though still to a point even now) you can predict a lot of the countries scores they'll give based on location and politics.
    Russia has started to do well.
    A fixed corrupt institution that was fun to watch because of the crazy acts but now the acts are far more reserved and trying to be mainstream. More British and American crappy pop.

    A shame but I still watch.
    I am disappointed it isn't on this year.

  30. Fry an egg put it on your toast and then cover with baked beans.

  31. Pretty much everyone does christmas crackers at christmas and they do mostly have a little toy and a joke inside

  32. I only put x at the end of a message to family or girlfriend

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