6 Issues British Folks Do That People DON'T (UK vs. USA tradition)

The USA and the UK are cultures separated by a standard language, a brisk battle over taxes, AND these 6 issues which British individuals do however People do not do! 🇬🇧😄 Vive la différence! 🍻

Which uniquely British issues did we miss? Share them with us within the feedback 😄


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  1. Boxing day now adays is just a day similar to Christmas day u have a roast with family day to sober up. It use to be a day when your employer would give there employees a gift for their service. Normally a Christmas box

  2. Pub queue,well basically the barman/maid will pretty much know who is next ..as for catching the attention ,simple just look at them not stare and just be chilled the occasional glance will surfice..but as for you knowing who is next pretty much if someone is there before you and looking like they need a drink or has no drink then if you are approached by said barkeep..point to that person and say they were here first..they will be pleased obvs but they might say"i'm being served but thank you" and if they werent now the barkeep will certainly know you are next

  3. boxingday is for drinking, eating leftover turkey and football.

  4. I watched one channel where they visited irish pubs in the USA, that was fun.

  5. There is often nowhere else to put the washing machine and tumble dryer other than the kitchen, not all houses have utility rooms/laundry room.

  6. To help you and anyone else browsing the comments, the way my family spends Christmas is a big meal with some of the family. Nothing new there. On Boxing Day, my family will then take the left overs and share our food with another part of the family. So when you said it’s Christmas Day : Part 2, it is quite accurate.

    As for pubs and their etiquette, when it comes to ordering, don’t go alone if you’re nervous and have something to talk about because there is a bit of waiting generally speaking.

  7. You just have to watch this film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltVtnCzg9xw

    It's called "A Welcome to Britain", and it was training film for American GIs stationed in Britain during WW2. It educated the GIs about all the cultural quirks of the Brits, and gave them lots of tips about how and how not to behave.

    There's a very entertaining segment on how to conduct yourself in a pub, starting here: https://youtu.be/ltVtnCzg9xw?t=219

    And best of all, the film's fronted by a very youthful Burgess Meredith!

  8. Yeah, we have pub crawls, this is when you have a pint in one pub and then walk to the next one, and so on.

  9. I live 15 secs from 1 pub 2 minutes to the next, 5 minutes to the next, 7 minutes to the next, and then 10 minutes to the next then 20 minutes home
    We have the same church culture as well with most of the churches older then the USA been called that and been Discovered

  10. General thoughts based on your observations, from a British perspective. A massive part of British life is tradition, almost a sense of "this is the way things have always been done, so that's how we'll continue doing it". It's a simple enough concept, but a key factor is that we Brits have been stuck in our ways for literally centuries longer than you Yanks have had the chance to be able to do so. To put it in context, the village I grew up in is recorded in historical texts dating back as far as 1086, and that village is nothing special or unique. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horsforth) This means that the majority of British traditions PREDATE such things as indoor plumbing or electricity. Finally, recommend looking up Sunday Roast on wikipedia for traditional breakdown, or else there is a very nice little playlist by a self taught chef called Barry Lewis I can recommend, his other stuff is well worth a watch too- https://barrylewis.net/recipes/roasts/

  11. With Sunday roasts we have; stuffing, Yorkshire pudding, veg, cauliflower cheese, gravy, roast potatoes …. Yorkshire puddings are traditionally served with beef but a lot of people have them with any meat

  12. I love your content on the channel. Keep up the good work and a place u should try visit is mallorca it's an island of spain and it is fabulous

  13. also, if youre worried about cutting in line dont, just stand at the bar and wait patiently, the bar staff tend to know the order that people arrived at the bar and youll get served as soon as the staff can get to you (ok you might have to wait as regulars tend to get served first) just try not to do what the american that visited me did and wave your money, or even worse snap your fingers at the barman/woman as not only is it rude, it likely means you get served last.

    also announcing you're a tourist while it wont get you any negative points, you wont score positive points with people either, so probably best to just approach the bar and wait for your turn, the staff will get to you so long as you arent rude or obnoxious
    (snapping fingers, flashing cash, being overly assertive that youre next sort of thing)

  14. the etiquette of pubs in the UK is very simple, there's one real rule:
    don't be a dick to people you don't know

  15. Boxing Day is Saint Stephen’s Day (….on the Feast of Stephen..etc.) The day to say bye-bye to the visiting relatives and open the boxes of choccies!

  16. I don't like the pub culture. I don't see the point of drinking alchohol

  17. Calling 26th December Boxing Day is really more of a UK thing and something found in a number of former British Empire countries/colonies/territories but it also is the day in the Latin church dedicated to St Stephen, one of the first martyrs of the church, who was stoned to death. On that day, certainly by medieval times, the alms box placed in the church to collect money dedicated to St Stephen, was opened and the money inside was distributed amongst the poor of the parish, maybe to a wider group of poor, but all int he name of St Stephen. Nowadays, it is definitely a secular public holiday and is usually given over to sporting events and also marks the start of the "January Sales", which is when retailers offload all the stuff they didn't sell at inflated prices before Christmas.

  18. Oh of course we have drying machines, we call them dryers for short, we keep ours outside in the shed.
    My friends do also.

  19. In my family, Christmas Day is for the immediate family and on Boxing Day we would go have Christmas celebrations with other family like cousins. And yeah sometimes people go shopping on Boxing Day but it is kind of an extension of Christmas celebrations

  20. A 'Christmas Box' in Britain is a name for a Christmas present. Boxing Day was traditionally a day off for servants and the day when they received a 'Christmas Box' from the master. The servants would also go home on Boxing Day to give 'Christmas Boxes' to their families.13 Jan 2020

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