5 Steps to Turning into a Journey Blogger

Journey blogger, Nikki Vargas, of The Pin the Map Mission (voted prime 100 journey weblog in 2015) shares her greatest tricks to getting began as a journey blogger and launching a journey web site.

This video is first in an upcoming collection of “Weblog Suggestions” movies explaining tips on how to grow to be an expert journey blogger!

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  1. Thank you so much for the very informative guide..I like it so much…it makes me to pursue my travel blogs..I will do it in my channel..thank you so much

  2. Late to the party as I just discovered your videos, really enjoy watching them! You are a great story teller! Im looking into starting my own travel blog so your tips are really useful! I actually like the background music, it gives the video some atmosphere. Can you tell me what the music is? Happy holidays!

  3. Background music is louder than your voice

  4. It took a whole lot of scrolling to find a short but very informative video on this, thanks girl! All the other videos are about 30 mins long w no real educational content lol

  5. Hi there new subscriber/newbie vlogger here.
    Thank you for sharing your vlogging ideas/tips..
    Love to see more of you,keep sharing..
    More power to your channel.

  6. wow thanks your 5 steps of travel bloggers.. i takenote your advice about this vedio thanks a lot.

  7. This was nice and inspiring…. question is it possible to start without money? Im very intrigued but have nothing to spend to get started, I need some inspiration & resources please and thank you i can be contacted at latoya32pooh@gmail.com hope to hear some good help please

  8. Hearing your story and the succes you made really inspires me to try my best and make my travel passion my dream! Thank you and hope you have wonderful travels 😀

  9. Thanks for the video 🙂 have one question, is it necessary to start blog on these platforms u mentioned .Just YouTube and instagram are not enough to be successful?

  10. I see you're carrying a Nikon. Give us advice on your travel bag to carry?

  11. First step of not ruining your video blog – AVOID LOUD BACKGROUND NOISE…

  12. How do people afford to travel? Does blogging really make you that much cash? Thats that gian curly haired freak who just goes and reviews brand new airplanes all the time.. hes small enough to sit in cupboards, and see how they feel for stowaways.. why do they want him there? Who pays him the money? Perhaps he invites himself and the bird scarer doesnt drive him away!?

  13. + Nikki Vargas. I liked the content of this video but the music was too loud and very distracting. At times it was louder than your speaking.

  14. Thank you for this very informative piece.

  15. Nikki,
    This is your first video of yours I have discovered. Thank you for all your tips regarding growing a travel vlog. I did indeed make sure to subscribe to see what else you may have in the pipeline.
    Seems you already know the music was wicked loud in this video but luckily your content made it worth pushing through.

  16. Thanks Nikki for your helpful advice. I've been food and travel vlogging since April 2018 and I only have 14 subscribers. Is that a huge problem? What am I doing wrong? I am having a blast and I know I have to be patient. When did you start attracting sponsors, when you already had a lot of followers or before?

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