5 MORE Issues People Love Concerning the UK

At present we’re introducing you to 5 MORE issues that People LOVE concerning the UK! If you have not seen half one, watch these 5 issues we like concerning the UK right here ➡️ https://youtu.be/AF0ZpoTEYKc 🇬🇧❤️️😄

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  1. The (to you) confusing ceremony at the market is a survival from olden times. Loaves were traditionally sold by weight, a pound loaf or more often a
    two pound loaf. The person in overall control of the market would have an official randomly weighing loaves to ensure that the people were not getting
    short measure. BTW, if you've heard of the White Cliffs of Dover, don't bother. They're now scrubby and overgrown so, instead, come to East Sussex and
    gaze in awe and wonder at the Seven Sisters. Proper white cliffs for proper people. Come back soon…………………………………..….the ancient Englishman.

  2. What Americans dont realise about the tea break that it is a break.
    Americans only drink to go, prefer iced. Its all a rush.
    In england you fill the kettle wait 5 mins for it to boil
    Pour the water on the tea wait 5 mins for it to brew
    Pour the tea into a cup/mug add milk and sugar wait for it to cool
    Drink it slowly preferable with a biscuit/ cookie
    Then if you made enough , have another cup
    By which time your rested , relaxed ready to carry on not drinking whilst walking or rushing in the car down the street

  3. No torture or stocks? Oh if you were here with me last weekend! Only kidding ! Love that you're having a good time and thanks for saying so many nice things about us.

  4. I hope you are both keeping well , I can’t wait to see new uk content but I still am able to have my “Raven” fix so I am a happy bunny ❤️

  5. Shropshire is a lovely place to visit, we have canals, a river, hills, medival towns and villages and then places like Ironbridge and the Victorian Heritage Museum at Blists Hill where you can walk around buildings and shops that were dismantled and rebuilt on site to recreate a Victorian market town.

  6. You should drive slow in the sunken roads. Lot of horse riders on those get hit.

  7. They make a big deal about swearing in the US, but they accept the screaming "ow my gawd" all over the place. Screaming in general is soooo American.

  8. You fit in well here Guys! Glad you enjoyed your stay. Yorkshire will suit u and loads of choice. Keep safe x

  9. The edge of a narrow road is a " the grass verge" or just the "verge" and go visit the Peak District of Derbyshire

  10. You should visit south west Surrey, the towns are small as well as small villages.

  11. the best example for cockney rhyming slang Youtube the cockney rhyming slang vicar

  12. Come and see the Channel Islands Wandering Ravens! 5 Islands off the French coast, part of the UK. There’s a little Island called Sark with no vehicles, just bicycles and horse drawn carts and lots of pubs! Check it out! X

  13. As a person from the UK in England ..I obviously speak proper I do… and now I am off to the countryside to pelt a Town Crier in the stocks with fresh bread..

  14. You two are just delightful. You're the most kindest house guests. The complete opposite of my father in law.

  15. ok a new one is is calling coronavirus…Miley Cyrus… so some one is not well they are sick with Miley Cyrus..

  16. Morris Dancing: proof Britain is a free country

  17. Ok, I really don’t get this obsession with Americans about calling our language British English or American English etc. Here in England you can’t travel 20 miles without locals having different words for different things, it’s not a big deal! You just absorb it into the sentence and take a good guess. It’s almost as if our American friends can’t deal with the fact that they don’t have their own language and that it’s derogatory to use the language from another nation. The different words that we use are just part of the extensive language that the world wants to speak and learn. We in the south called mealtimes breakfast, lunch, dinner. In the north of England they call it breakfast, dinner, tea! In the midlands they have different words for a bread roll in towns 5 miles away! Where do we end? Scottish English, Australian English, Manchester English, Norwich English?? I’d be interested to find out the nationality of Miss Murphy, the author of the book to see if in fact it was written with an American perspective. Deep down we all understand each other speaking English per say, it’s just a recent phenomenon that I keep hearing from Americans that they have their own language. They don’t

  18. Here is a poser what does it mean when a student is awarded a 'Desmond'?

  19. One strange thing about America is that while swearing is frowned upon generally and not accepted on TV, American movies are often littered with swearing, so much so, that it seems really excessive and over the top. Why such a difference between the movies and other media? Speeding on narrow country roads in the UK is a really bad habit that results in lots of roadkill.

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