5 methods to EDIT TRAVEL movies FASTER

On this Jake Wealthy video enhancing tutorial you may discover ways to pace up your journey video enhancing workflow due to the ASUS ZenBook Professional Duo #AmazingNewZenBooks #AsusZenBookPro #ASUS30 #sponsored

Tip 1: Edit with a quick processor and NEW pc
Tip 2: Take away ALL distractions
Tip 3: Put together music, SFX and enhancing property
Tip 4: Use the M key in Adobe Premiere Professional to edit to a beat
Tip 5: Write a story & use that story to remove extra footage


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MUSIC: http://share.mscbd.fm/jakerichtravels
MORE MUSIC: http://share.epidemicsound.com/jakerich
TRAVEL VIBES: https://www.redbullsoundsupply.com/collections/travel-vibes

OCTOBER PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URYeETpyEc4&t=512s




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  1. My new name for Jake is "Professor Jake" your good at teaching us! Keep it up!

  2. I freaking love you man! Your content is legit you always get me inspired and excited to make more content! Keep doing what you’re doing

  3. Love this. Exquisite tips, as always, while the clips are making me miss Queensland… beautiful, beautiful. ♥️

  4. This video was pure gold, can't believe it only has 10k views (feb 2020). Keep up the amazing work,!

  5. Thank you for sharing these informative tips! These tips will come in handy when I start daily vlogs next month.

  6. This is Awesome man!!

  7. Thank you for those tips! I will apply them!

  8. Jake I just made my first video could you check it out and give me any tips to increase my skill??

  9. Okay so I had always remembered the 'markers' tip from another youtube channel, and when I finally got a computer that I could edit video on without it dying (lol) I used it. The latest video on my youtube/IGTV uses markers to cut the clips on the beat or during a particular element in the music. SO HANDY! Like, that alone speeds things up. and now i learn you can automatically insert the clips to those markers? GAME CHANGER!! Cheers Jake, that's literally an entire feature I didn't realise existed!!

  10. The Automate to sequence by markers literately blew my mind!!!! Thanks!!

  11. Great tips in here!! Digging the outdoor filming setup

  12. Thank you Jake. One more great video under your belt.

  13. Becoming one of my favorite youtubers man! Keep it up!

  14. Nice bro! im also using only gopro in my channel. your tips help so many new content creators like me!

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