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Hyperlinks to all the particular locations I stayed and excursions I did are within the blogpost beneath!
My Photograph Diary/In-depth Itinerary: https://goo.gl/YPQjnk

Lot’s extra on my instagram from my journey: http://instagram.com/tarmarz/

This video sharing my private itinerary of my journey to New Orleans Louisiana was most likely my favorite content material so far! This video is a mixture of my private pursuits which embody somewhat bit or artwork and tradition in addition to numerous different issues NOLA is thought for. I feel it is a good start line for first-time guests to the town which are concerned about the identical issues as I’m! As I discussed in my extra in-depth journey information/photograph diary on my weblog, theres a bunch of issues that I did not get to see that I simply could not slot in to this journey, so you may verify these out with the hyperlink above! It is really one of many friendliest picturesque cities I have been to!

Tara is a twenty-four yr outdated style & life-style blogger / youtuber natively from Cork, Eire and is a style graduate of Belfast.

Digicam I take advantage of: Canon 5D Mark iii

Digicam Lens:

Ring Lighting:

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  1. Can you please link your air b n b!

  2. Hello, we are going to go to Nola tomorrow. Day think it is best to have a half day tour of the plantation or full day?

  3. The best thing to do in new Orleans is leave it.unless your into muggings and rape.FWI the largest city park in the world is in philadelphia.and most of the "firsts" also

  4. I'm watching this in New Orleans to see how others see new Orleans. Lol

  5. Such a lovely woman. If you want company next time let me know btw, I’m going late March

  6. Thank you so much for such an incredible vid! 🙂

  7. I love your video, we went to New Orleans last year for my birthday and watching your travel vlog really helped.

  8. I really need to know where those earrings are from!! Love!!

  9. I’m going to New Orleans in a week and this was super helpful thank you!

  10. love the video really helpful also interesting and lots of great things to do I look forwards visiting New Orleans xoxoxo,

  11. I live in Hammond New Orleans is amazing

  12. is september a good month to go to new orleans?

  13. Someone must have corrected you. You went from calling it "nu orleeens" to "nu orluhns" 1:33 like it is supposed to be pronounced. 😉 Side note…you're Irish and I didn't see you drink very much. WTF?

  14. you had said there was some kind of beads in all of the trees it is Mardi gras beads it is a festival with parades

  15. I miss new Orleans so much. I moved there on a whim once. It's my favorite place in America so far. (I live in chicago)

  16. Will be moving to NOLA in August, best city in America

  17. Enter NOLA at your own risk of getting raped, robbed, murdered, and definitely bitten by gnats and mosquitoes.

  18. Cool, will have different things to do the next time I’m there!!

  19. I'm in love with new orleans.

  20. No!!!!! Not new orleeens it’s pronounced new-or-lens

  21. I’m Native to South Korea, but raised in New Orleans sense I was 2, and it is the best city ever! It’s probably the only city that has Bars that are open 24/7! Not to mention it is a party city! It even has its own Holiday!

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