4 Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle (Thailand): full tour

Be part of me on a full tour of the ultraluxe 4 Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle (Thailand). Hidden inside unique bamboo jungle overlooking Myanmar and …


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  1. Coolest hotel I’ve ever been to. For those saying the elephant riding is wrong, they take great care of them there and riding them is good there because there is nothing on the elephants body, compared to other places.

  2. sometimes come tears on my face when I see your clips and the music in the background…love it***

  3. Unique Fantastic and as usual brilliantly captured .. You bring light to these worrying times

  4. Enjoyed the review as usual Not sure it would be easy to get around the camp if you had a mobility problem however. I am writing off my own travel plans for 2020 due to the obvious global health issues. Fortunately I can always re-watch some of your archived videos which will hopefully keep me going until next year.

  5. The hotel conserve elephants, but uses lots of elephant tusks on its furnitures

  6. Great resort!, does inroom dining included in the all inclusive package?

  7. the best 5* Resort in Tropical forest Northern Thailand, resort eco friendly (similar northern urban house) mix Ancient artifact, Resort blend with tranquil Tropical forest i like it :-), u can hear sound of nature Tropical forest feel peacefulness also the best place escape from bustle in big city 🙂

  8. Hotel offers elephant riding? No thanks.

  9. I was interested in this hotel, but definitely will NOT be staying there now that I see they use "rescue" as a front and still let's guests ride these poor elephants. Ugh.

  10. Next time you come India make sure to visit Jim Corbett

  11. It's nice that you were able to share this beautiful experience with someone.

  12. This video brought me so much unexpected joy. My heart was full when the elephants bathed in the river I actually cried. Fantastic!❤❤

  13. A very beautiful place! Thank you for sharing the world with me!

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