32 UK Cities With CRAZY Names (People React)

An inventory of 32 British cities with morbid, loopy, and quite diabolical names! 🎉😂 Are you from considered one of these hilarious UK cities? Did we pronounce them appropriately? And do inform us the historical past behind the identify of your colorfully named city, avenue, or village!

What crazy-but-true UK place names did not make this listing? Share your favorite with us within the feedback! 😄


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  1. You are right that slut has another meaning – it is old northern dialect for a woman who is lazy and squalid (as opposed to "free loving" shall we say). But it's also likely that it's a mis-spelling of "slutch hole" meaning a large wet and muddy puddle 🙂

  2. Worlds end…there was murders in scotland known as the worlds end murders at a pub

  3. you need to watch carry on movies to understand english innuendo.

  4. Because the Inbetweeners won the poll for your tv programme poll, as well as a normal episode you could also watch the video where the cast of the show go on a road trip to visit loads of rude place names like this. Would link both videos together!

  5. "your guyses" ! I keep hearing Americans say this and it drives me crazy. It makes no sense

  6. I noticed that you said "close"as in shut, but ive always said it as in near.

  7. Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma street, long name, short street in York (approx 4-8 yards long) as to origin, no one knows, its a mystery

  8. We would NEVER! change our place (or road) names! Some of them are over 1000 years old! They're part of our history. Having said that, the powers that be did change Piddletown in Dorset to Puddletown to make it more polite, but the locals stopped them there, so Piddletrenthide and others kept their original name. We do have some super-cute and very odd road and place names, though. In Bristol we have 'There and Back Again Lane' – because it's so short. And Christmas Steps. Near Durham there is Pity Me. Then there's Bishop Itchington. And Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate in York. And there's the town of Westward Ho! (including the exclamation mark). Here in Somerset we have Numpnett Thrubnell, which is a favourite of mine 🙂

  9. Can I recommend to a book called "Dictionary Of English Place Names".  This is a very good read and explains how, why and when towns got their names.  Well worth buying.

  10. Pratt is arse as in for example pratfalls or you pratt. I hear that the activities that gave Tickle Cock Bridge its name continue.

  11. If you're lucky you could live in Rickinghall Superior, unlucky and it could be Rickinghall Inferior.

  12. Fingringhoe in Essex is a good one! Just down the road from Ugley (which is pronounced exactly the same as “ugly”, and is a very very very rich village!)

  13. Shitterton has that sign because people kept stealing the other, flimsier sign

  14. There was a tv chef named Fanny Cradock, who kinnda started that whole trend. Her cookery show pilot was in 1955.

  15. Hey I used to live in Shitterton it's in Dorset, so it's pronounced, shit-ter-ton, it's a rural village so may be said with a slight West Country accent. The reason it's a massive stone is that people used to nick the sign, all the time, Stone is heavier than a sheet metal sign.

  16. Ramsbottom might seem a strange name for a town until you know the explanation. The town lies at the bottom of the valley and a long time ago wild garlic grew there. The old English name for wild garlic is 'ransom'. Originally the place was referred to as 'ransom bottom' and then this just got shortened to 'Ramsbottom'.

  17. Also… The 1 will be 1 mile – surprised you haven't done a video on our mashed up metric system e.g. Buy fuel by the liter to drive miles

  18. That prat won't stop prattling on. Prat would be synonymous with idiot, fool, joker etc…

  19. Names like "Three Cocks" normally meant there was a pub on that road called, well you know the rest.

  20. Ton, Tun, and Ham are old Saxon names for a Homestead or Village. As in London were a great many areas have kept there name as in, West ham, Tottenham, Peckham, Sutton, and Kensington.

  21. Butt is the end of something. As for where I live on the western Isles, The Isle of Lewis, the end of the Island is called The butt of Lewis, or as in a rifle, the end is called the Riflebutt.

  22. Slag was an old name for waste . As the rubbish left after mining coal/metals were called a slag heap. Slag was a waste of time.

  23. The word Slag is the glass-like by-product left over after a desired metal has been separated

  24. There’s a famous U.K tv chef, probably one of the first as she was around decades ago called Fanny Craddock

  25. I live near Penistone which is a village on the edge of north Sheffield and is pronounced Pennystun

  26. Interesting mention of Upperthong in your video.
    I worked in Holmfirth for 30 years, it is in the Holme Valley, the valley of the river Holme, near Huddersfield, Yorkshire.
    There is also a Netherthong and Thongsbridge within a few miles.

    The name Upperthong may derive from Old English 'uferra' (upper) + 'thwang' (narrow strip [of land]); since there is also a Netherthong, which is situated on lower ground than Upperthong, the names could designate lower and higher strips of land.

    Thongsbridge may be a strip of land by the bridge, there is a bridge over the River Holme to this day.

    This could also explain the Thong as an item, just, of clothing.
    Michael Swift, Kirkheaton, pronounced Yetton by locals, Yorkshire.

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