24 Hours In ISTANBUL! – Prime Issues You HAVE To Do in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey has all of it: scrumptious meals, stunning sights, simple public transportation and a lot extra! It is our last day on this stunning metropolis, so we’re on a mission to hit up all of the must-see sights, all in simply at some point!

HUGE due to Arda Erlik for the drone footage. SUB to their channel right here 👉https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO6Zg-KAxUCuD-V05R3zJqA

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Locations we visited within the video:

1. Sultan Ahmet Mosque
2. Breakfast/lunch at Privato Cafe
3. Galata Tower
4. Rainbow Stairs
5. Grand Bazaar
6. Drinks at Seven Hills Lodge

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  1. My friends live in a flat on those painted steps!!

  2. Rİver!!!! It’s a sea.
    and you don’t know how to drink raki.

  3. Half Turk trapped in Wisconsin. Pleas send help.

  4. Ow myyyy… i just missed our crazy turkish way breakfasts. I live in the UK and I'm sooooo sorry for british people and what they eat :D:D:D i wish you could see the prays in the mosque…

  5. If you do Istanbul on a budget, this video would be very different.  You'd see the realism of Istanbul. The real city.

  6. why did you drink rakı without cold water and meze??

  7. Coming harran balıklıgöl capadokia pamukkale…

  8. You should have big balls dude because you drank raki without water. You rock !

  9. You had to add some water to rakı. You drunk sec vodka without redbull or more than that

  10. I went to turkey 1 year ago it was so beautiful every time I here the Prayer call It made me feel so good. The ice cream is so good u need to try it, There are many mosques that tourists go to inc Sultan Ahmed,Blue Mosque And more, It is very busy and a istanbul is a very populated city. They also have really good food and everything over there is halal.

  11. Our ice cream is made of goat's milk and the texture is a little bit tough. You should've tried it.

  12. The Turkish ice cream is good. It’s a lot thicker then the average ice cream. It is recommend to try.

  13. Istanbul is an metropol. A country on its own. A unique city in the world.

  14. Allah is terrified of woman's hair , funny or sad ? Afterall he created the woman, did he realised afterward it's a disaster ? (LOL)

  15. the ice-cream you asked us turks about is really good! well it depends on the place where you get it i guess but it tastes like normal ice cream but more gummy. its like a ice cream/ chewing gum hybrid kinda thing 😀 go try it out its delicious.

  16. 24 hours in Istanbul? Why? You should be there at least a week.

  17. Hello! Im Turkish. So when you said Lets us know if the ice cream is good. Well the ice cream is like any other ice cream and btw the reason the blue mosque has some renovation is because the building is SOOOOO old that the moque is not going to stand with out renovation 🙂 !!!!!

  18. I loved this video of yours. Subbed as well.
    Could you please suggest where can we fly drone to get blue mosque in the frame, as you did?

  19. You western ppl are opened minded but weird at the same time. If you only knew the really history of the Turks, you wouldn't be stand there in the 12-15th AD. The Turks (originated from Iran area) stolen a land that belongs to the Christians, forced Christians to pay higer tax if not their boys was given to the Sultan in excahnge for payments, forced those Christian boys into reading the Qur'an & converted them into Islam, many Turks forced Christian women into marriage so that their future childrens can be born as Muslims & not to mention the Aramean genocide in which almost 1.5 million christians Aramean were murdered, persecuted & tortured. But, here you are in Istanbul, which means city of Islam (re-name) but used to be called Constantinople.

  20. Speaking of Turkish ice cream; im not Turkish but the ice cream is the bomb. You missed out on it, guys.

  21. Very nice travel vlog! I reccomend Turkish ice cream (Maraş dondurmasi). It is absolutely amazing.

  22. Rich city to visit. We spent a week there and captured so many great memories.

  23. I have been watching this video again and again thinking that I have seen that girl somewhere. Now I remember that she looks like that younger sister from Six Feet Under.

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