21 Issues Brits HATE About People | Responding to Hate Feedback From the UK 🇬🇧⚔🇺🇸

WHY WE MADE THIS VIDEO: We get feedback (just like the tweets within the video) each single day in our remark sections and so this video is an excuse for us to take the piss out of people that submit offended and ill-informed rants. 😁🥂

Do you hate how People say “herb” or “soccer”? At the moment we’re addressing 21 issues that British individuals HATE about People! And we’re protecting all kinds of points, from how People write dates to why we can not seem to cease remaking British TV exhibits. 😄 If it grinds your gears when Yanks say “fall” or assume that every one Brits discuss just like the Queen, then you definately’ll love this video!

As at all times, we need to hear from you guys as effectively! What did you consider the factors we made within the video? Do you agree with what we mentioned, or do you disagree? What do YOU hate about People? Drop your ideas and rants within the feedback and we are able to discuss it! 😄🎉



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  1. The guy moaning about "fall" rather than autumn then calls it "f___ing retarded" which in itself is an Americanism!

  2. As a Scot living in England, I get the mick taken about my accent all the time. Solution is to take the mick back and call all Loindoners Cockneys – they hate that but it is good fun and they would last 5 minutes in Glasgow – gaunyersel pal. I don't hate the way Americans have different words and phrases, it is just funny except the use of the word "awesome" God is awesome, the view down Derwentwater from Friars Crag is aweinspiring, the rest is excellent or jolly good.

  3. American are loud and boastful. Americans have big cars big roads and even big mouth

  4. I believe "pants" is an abbreviation of pantaloons.

  5. park the rolls in the garr -idg i'll butter them later why do yanks say gah-rajj


  7. i am 76 and it"s always been football in the uk

  8. I hate how some British people are so ill-informed and just plain stupid. The muffin thing? Your biscuits are our savoury scones (no sugar), and for the record, drooling at biscuits and sausage gravy. Secondly, if not pointed out already, the tweet by Rob Beckett about cars, he's a famous stand up comedian in the UK, so check him out on You Tube. When you come back across the pond (don't hate the phrase myself, but why do you guys call it "The Pond"?) make sure you got up Yorkshire and try a proper Hull Patty and Chip Spice. Stay safe y'all lmao

  9. Here's a great English place name everyone does a double take on Happisburgh. I'll give you a clue, even Brits get it wrong!

  10. Autumn is an import from French as well. From the Latin Autumnus. In Middle French (mid 1300s to 1600s) it was commonly spelled "autumn" instead of the Modern French "automne".
    I don't say vidamins. I say vaɪ tə mins. It's a compound word derived from vital and amine, so Americans got the first vowel correct and both of us have the third vowel wrong. That should be a long E sound.

  11. we do not sit on our cars because we do not want to scratch the paintwork!

  12. AHH But you should know that the British KNOW we just have to speak slowly and SHOUT to be understood by ANYONE no matter what their native language is!! ~grins~

  13. why do the Americans call the element ALUMINIUM aluminum?

  14. Nearly all Americans pronounced the leading "h" in "herbs" until an idiotic ad campaign for a shampoo in the 1970s featured a snotty bitch berating her husband (named '"Herb") for doing so. The product was from Clairol, and it was called "Herbal Essence Shampoo." The people who were prone to snotty affectation went along with the demand, while those of us who speak normally recognize dropping the "h" as an indication that the speaker is a pretentious twat.

  15. I think the dollar pound comment referred to dollar stores vs pound stores in the respective countries. And they aren’t wrong. Things tend to be more expensive in the U.K. based on what I saw when I traveled there.

  16. Lets be honest, British people don't get offended by these things. You're right, it's most likely teenagers.

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