2020 Nostradamus

Nostradamus predicted the rise of Hitler, the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima and 9/11. New analysis reveals additional predictions that an Islamic military will rise to set in movement World Conflict III, that China will conquer the East and the rise of the Antichrist.


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  1. When's the big war kick off? Is it on the backside of the covid break?

  2. This should be called “the myth of Nostradamus” it’s not about his prophecies, just a 1 sided criticism of ancient predictions. Waste of YouTube cloud space. HARD PASS!

  3. I read this book at 13 Facebook is saying his predictions r false

  4. Constantly flashing the screen with strobing lights and flashing images. If you want a headache watch this video. Ugh.

  5. ofc the ones who made this movie have an own agenda, so it says science is proof …do you mean we should trust google science?

  6. Bad Production, worse narration. Instrumentals are sleepy.

  7. You mean the anti Christ will rise and unite religions creating a one world religion

  8. Nostradamus almost got it perfect it was 2016 ,The world came to an end well at least for the Democrat`s Trump 2020

  9. Shallow, simple-minded, non-thinking people here dissing Nostradamus because they don't believe some of his predictions were accurate. If they were told about something bad happening because of what they were about to do, and came to understand that it would happen as predicted if they did it, would they still do it?

    If they were told about something bad happening because of what somebody else did, and came to understand that it would happen as predicted because of what that other person did, would they still let that other person do it?

    Would a follower of Nostradamus or one who believes Nostradamus's predictions allow bad things to happen so Nostradamus's predictions would remain accurate, or would they do whatever they could to stop the bad things from happening even if it tarnished Nostradamus's reputation?

    Would Nostradamus himself allow bad things to happen, knowing that they would, to inflate himself and protect his reputation, or would he do whatever he could to stop the bad things from happening even if it tarnished his social status and reputation?

    What would a GOOD person do?
    What would an EVIL person do?

  10. "2020 Nostradamus" is a failed attempt to make an artsy film about a man who was supposed to have the gift of being able to see the future. Don't know if he was real or made up by some author of the era. The film is filled with artsy eye candy, too loud background music and a muffled, mumbly announcer who can't seem to say anything clearly enough to hold the audience's attention. The reason for the film was to explain who Nostradamus was and tell his predictions…I never got through more than half the film before completely losing interest because of the deadly dull presentation itself!

  11. He was spot on about the 3rd world war. Got the years right and everything. Thanks those inaccurate predictions Nostrils.


  13. Yep, According to the "experts" Nostradamus has predicted the end of the word many, many times in the last few hundred years. Cripe, I remember freaking out over all of the news and books in '81, because, of coarse Nostradamus' predictions.

  14. I didnt see any Hebrews in this documentary. I'm so feed up with the lies. 2020 is unfolding. how deceitful ugly evil side of people of this world. He was full of it just like the rest of these rich elites who worship Satan.

  15. Stopped watching after saying Russia will unite under his rule, and there was a predicted 3rd world war from 2018-2020. Next…

  16. I like this documentary just wish there wasn’t the constant music bed

  17. If you want the truth of what he wrote and why you can see the two books I have written on Nostradamus. 1…NOSTRADAMUS, BRANHAM, AND THE LITTLE BOOK (of Rev. 12) and 2…NOSTRADAMUS' LOST PICTURES UNVEILED THE LAST ANTICHRIST.  NOSTRADAMUS DID THE BIBLE CODES BEFORE COMPUTERS DID.     PATRICIA SUNDAY MINISTRIES

  18. The fall of technology, can't come soon enough for me, goodbye Google, Facebook and the rest.

  19. I guess we are about to enter into a new world, just after this crisis.

  20. OMG. The absolute worst, slowest, video I have ever seen. even at 1.25 speed it was a total waste of time.

  21. well trump is hear so nostrodummy is wrong

  22. I find it so funny that there is so much JUDGEMENTAL comments in this comment section, that it seems that these people don't realize that they don't have to watch this, nothing in there life is forcing anyone to watch this,. There is complaints about the narrator, and about the music, I m just like dam man , well watch something else…listen to the message,

  23. Finally, someone calls him out on his vague bullshit!

  24. Finally, someone calls him out on his vague bullshit!

  25. An incompetent attempt at documentary making. If you'd bothered educating yourself sufficiently, you would've found different subject matter to focus on, entirely.

  26. The amount of utter retardation in the comments had convinced me to not watch this.

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