12 Disney World Eating places That Are Tremendous Unusual, In a Good Approach!

Able to stroll on the wild aspect? These Disney World eating places are undoubtedly unusual…however in actually enjoyable methods!

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  1. Hoop Dee Doo has been a longtime favorite of mine, it makes me laugh everytime I see it

  2. Garden Grill is one of my favourite places to eat. Visit there every trip.

  3. I’d say PizzaRizzo is a little bit more/ better themed than Mamma Melrose. Even if both are basically generic Italian American. Supposedly being ran by the muppet rats is slightly themed anyway. Would have been way better if the initial unrealised idea of Muppet rats serving the food came to fruition.

  4. The only Disney restaurants I’ve ever been to are 50s Prime time in 2009 & Sci-Fi dine-in in 2019. Liked both but the Drive-in theatre wins for me

  5. I was super happy with mama Melrose. The food didn't look impressive but it tasted awesome. We ended up spending more than we expected because of it. 🙂

  6. When I went with my high school choir I didn't realize there was so much I missed

  7. The Brown derby is a pretty cool restraint with all of the pictures of famous people on the walls also a popular imagineer eating experience location. Also Cinderella’s royal table and beauty and the beast castle are really cool. The Coral reef restaurant at Epcot is pretty to with the big fish tank.

  8. Trex food isn't that great, but super cool and the cotton candy tini is my favorite drink in the world!

  9. Crystal Palace is weird to me! With a name like that there should be princesses there, not Winnie the Pooh and friends!

  10. where can u find out about all these back stories to the restaurants tho?

  11. Garden Grill is consistently my favorite breakfast and character meal! Food is fresh and plentiful! I should not have watched this when I was hungry- argh!

  12. Worked in Mama’s 12 years ago, we used to be an amazing one, great show kitchen and slowing baking flatbread with real wood, amazing. Returned in 2015 as a guest only finding all those GONE. Not idea why but particularly disappointing now.

  13. When I was really young, my family of six went to Disney World. My parents got married and met and did all that fun jazz in Florida. We are originally from Colorado. My parents told us about the German restaurant in Epcot. We went there, and there was a classic dance. Have you heard of, the chicken dance? I was about 10 years old and my dad and I rocked the dance floor in front of everybody. We just went there just last June. We went back to the restaurant, and we waited for the chicken dance to perform together. Sadly it was not played that night. We went again during our trip, with my grandparents and, to my surprise, they still didn’t playit. That’s a tradition that I wish Disney would bring back. The food was great though. Don’t get me wrong LOL. I’m a band kid who has played percussion and the tuba, so seeing those instruments used also cheered me up as well.

  14. Last time I was at Disney’s my grandparents took all of my family to the 50’s prime time diner and we all loved it.

  15. Says Hoop Dee Do is a ton of fun for kids. 1:31 terrified kids. Says you need to know what you are in for but doesn't tell you what that is. It is high anxiety producing audience participation where you can be put on the spot in front of 100 people. If this doesn't sound like fun to you, don't go!

  16. the world is in a crisis because some people live in Excesses. When this reopens, people should be eating in packed lunch. No more wasteful buffet!

  17. How did Oga's Cantina not make the list? That atmosphere tops them all, especially for SW fans. And the way the drinks are served is "otherworldy."

  18. I would have definitely included San Angel Inn Restaurante – it’s the only restaurant with a view of a ride! The indoor/outdoor vibes are awesome too.

  19. Is the peppercorn sauce on the ronto wrap a gravy or mayo base?

  20. WARNING: The surgeon Corporal has determined that over sprinkling of pixie dust on food might cause diabetes

  21. this is really making me so sad. i’m supposed to be in the parks right now but all i have is my magic band 🙁

  22. I would listen to AJ reading the telephone book. Love her voice and the way she delivers the information. Especially the giggle.

    Love the content, and the presentation

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