1 Yr of Journey Vlogging | 30 COUNTRIES

Journey Vloggers Kara and Nate journey around the globe to 30 international locations in a single yr! These are the highlights!

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  1. i am from nepal.nice2meet u.

  2. Holy crap!!! We thought 50 states in a year was ambitious:) just found your channel. Liked and subscribed! I hope you’ll check ours out as well.

  3. They are a super bubbly and funny couple but I fear that what they are doing is going to seem very excessive and outdated really soon. The flying, spending and the carefree sense of privilege in the light of the climate crisis and poverty of other people doesn’t not look all too good.

  4. LOVE IT GUYS. We are at 24 countries now. We live to travel. Are you on Insta?

  5. "Make sure to subscribe so we can be best friends!" I love it! Going back and watching old vlogs to reminisce on ya'lls journey, so fun 🙂 can't wait to see what you have in store next <3

  6. 100 countries before 2019 ENDS (I added the ends bit) and y'all just landed in country 100!!!!

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